The body is designed to heal itself if it has what it needs. 

Lori Sullivan, RN, HHP, Owner & Practitioner

I started my career as a Registered Nurse in 1972. Over the years, I struggled with several different health issues. I suffered from chronic digestive issues, and I began to experience debilitating pain in the muscles and joints of my body. I chose not to take the medical route, so I decided to research alternative and holistic ways of healing the body. In March of 2011, I was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing® and knew, at that time, it could be the most effective way of helping the body get healthy naturally.

As I experienced the benefits myself, I chose to open a natural health practice after retiring from my nursing career. In 2012, I began NutritionWorks Holistic Health after graduating from the Advanced Clinical Training Program of Nutrition Response Testing®. Since then, our practice has helped many people in the Quad City community restore their health naturally. I find my clients become part of my family and together we start the journey to total health restoration and well-being. Our practice has grown in the last few years, and I love to see my dream being lived out. I have also continued my education by attending the International College of BioEnergetic Medicine. I am now a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners through the International College of BioEnergetic Medicine. 

I believe that anyone who walks through the door of this practice is supposed to be here, and I look forward to meeting each one and starting our journey toward optimal health together.

Blessings and In Health,

Lori Sullivan, RN, HHP

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Master Clinician of Nutrition Response Testing®

While we can't guarantee any specific results and the following testimonial does not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using our services for any particular issue or problem, our clients report having positive experiences. Here is what one client had to say: 
Complementary and alternative medicine methods such as Nutrition Response Testing® and BioEnergetic Medicine are self-regulated and the State of Iowa does not license, certify, or register Holistic Health Practitioners or Nutrition Response Testing clinicians or practitioners. While I am a Registered Nurse, you understand I am not providing conventional medical services to clients in my natural health practice and I will not advise, diagnose, treat, or manage your medical conditions.

I was very lethargic and would experience nausea during meals. I suffered from low moods, and my immune system was very weak. I was overwhelmed and easily stressed. I was sleeping poorly with anxious thoughts at night. I had poor eyesight with dry, itchy eyes. My ankle was constantly sore. Since seeing Lori, I have energy! Since beginning, I have no more nausea while eating. My low mood and anxious thoughts are almost nil and easy to cope with now. My eyesight has DRASTICALLY improved. No more dry eye or redness. Much better sleeping patterns. My ankle is not sore at all!