The body is designed to heal itself if it has what it needs. 

The Holistic Approach

Our philosophy on health and why we approach restoring health this way:

Our bodies are a flow system designed to take in nutrients and eliminate wastes and toxins.

A symptom is the body’s cry for help.

Dis-ease is a blockage in the flow system somewhere.

Our bodies are designed to experience optimal health when given exactly what they need.

Our philosophy on what causes symptoms and disease:

First, we must accept that all symptoms, no matter how uncomfortable, represent the body’s attempt to restore itself back to a state of health. Instead of looking at the symptom as something wrong, we see them as the body’s attempt to heal itself.

What is BioEnergetic Medicine and Nutrition Response Testing®?

“Bio” meaning body and “energetic” meaning energy, literally means that BioEnergetic medicine is a complementary and alternative method of tapping into the body’s communication system. The concept of BioEnergetic Medicine is that by tapping into the body's communication system, it's possible to find out exactly what is causing ill health and what the body needs to restore itself. Specifically, Nutrition Response Testing® is a non-invasive form of BioEnergetic medicine that uses a muscle response to test the body.

At this point, some of you will be asking the question, “How does the body communicate?” Sensible question; how do we know when we are thirsty or hungry? How do we know when to sleep or even visit the bathroom? What tells us? The body’s innate intelligence does.

Click on videos below to learn more information about BioEnergetic Assessments and Nutrition Response Testing®:


Conventional vs. BioEnergetic Medicine

An important basic difference exists between conventional medicine and natural (BioEnergetic) medicine. In conventional medicine, the aim often is to control the symptom through regular use of medications, even if the medication is nothing more than synthetic vitamins. If the medication is withdrawn, however, the person returns to illness. There has been no cure.

BioEnergetic medicine is believed to assist the body to restore its normal physiology, so that the body can heal and restore itself back to a state of balance. The premise is the body is given exactly what it needs for health restoration instead of symptom masking.

BioEnergetic Medicine and Nutrition Response Testing® are considered part of the field of complementary and alternative medicine and are solely designed to assess energetic imbalances in the body not for the purpose of any medical/psychological advice, opinion, diagnosis or treatment.


Why might this be for me?

You might be here for several reasons: you may have one or more health conditions that won’t go away; you have visited doctors, or even alternative health practitioners, but the results weren’t what you hoped or expected; your health conditions are significantly affecting your life; and/or you realize that these conditions are probably not going to get better unless the real source of the problem is found and corrected.

You can try to handle these health conditions with standard conventional medicine or even self prescribed vitamins or supplements; however, how do you know what is right for your body? Two people might have the same symptom, but for different reasons. BioEnergetic medicine is designed to take the guesswork out of it as the body specifically communicates its issues and needed resources. Each program is tailor made to the individual.

While we can't provide any guarantees, this program and approach to health is for you if you are ready to take responsibility for and regain your health for the long term. Rather than a passive approach to health, we encourage and empower you to become a responsible partner in the process of health restoration, enabling increased vitality and a stronger, healthier life.  

Our practice purpose is to help as many people as possible improve and maintain their health and well-being naturally and safely without the use of unnecessary drugs and surgery.



The next step

If you feel that this program is for you, call us today to ask any additional questions or to book an initial consultation. Take the first step on your journey back to health!

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While we can't guarantee any specific results and the following testimonial does not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual using our services for any particular issue or problem, our clients report having positive experiences. Here is what one client had to say:

I was very lethargic and would experience nausea during meals. I suffered from low moods, and my immune system was very weak. I was overwhelmed and easily stressed. I was sleeping poorly with anxious thoughts at night. I had poor eyesight with dry, itchy eyes. My ankle was constantly sore. Since seeing Lori, I have energy! Since beginning, I have no more nausea while eating. My low mood and anxious thoughts are almost nil and easy to cope with now. My eyesight has DRASTICALLY improved. No more dry eye or redness. Much better sleeping patterns. My ankle is not sore at all!