The body is designed to heal itself if it has what it needs. 

What are you really craving?

What do you crave? Is it sugar? Alcohol? Your phone? The list could go on and on. Every person that walks in my office craves something. Mostly, it’s sweets. I usually hear “I just crave sweets every day”, “I try to resist, but I can’t control them”, or “that’s just who I am, a sweet addict”. Why is that? Okay, well we all know that sugar tastes good. That’s just obvious. A sweet treat once in a while is necessary to sanity (at least that’s my personal opinion). But when does it become a craving? When does it cross the line into something more?

What are cravings anyway? The dictionary defines them as powerful desires for things. So, it’s true that all of us have powerful desires for sugar, alcohol, technology, etc. Isn’t it funny that all of those things happen to be things that hurt our health and our bodies? Think about it. Have you ever had someone tell you to calm down with the sugar for the sake of your health? I think that’s why so many people are hesitant to start a health journey. They say, “oh, I can’t give that up!”. Why is that? Why do we desire the things that hurt us?

When we crave something like sugar, 100% of the time we are actually craving something else. Sugar, alcohol, technology, etc. They numb what we are really feeling. Was there ever a time when you were upset or stressed and turned to sugar to calm yourself? I know I have. We are designed to crave things that give us life, not things that hurt us. What gives you life? Aka, what makes you feel alive? Do you remember that feeling? I know for myself, it’s loving others and being loved. It’s being outside. It’s laughing. It’s dancing. It’s connecting with others. It’s slowing down and breathing. It’s drinking water and eating foods that are healing. It’s living my life instead of being caught in the stress and day-to-day of this world.

Those things…those life-giving things are what we are designed for. Next time you have a craving, ask yourself what you’re really desiring. Are you desiring love? Are you desiring time for yourself? Are you desiring to be carefree and just play? Maybe you just need to get out of the fray and breathe for a bit. Learning to do these things, that is true healing. We all have the power to heal. It’s in the choice. Granted, there are things that someone like me (a BioEnergetic practitioner) can help with to help your body get back in balance, but a lot of what I do is remind my clients that they have the amazing power to heal when they give their bodies what they need.

In the end, the best medicine is free. The best medicine is breathing, loving, playing, letting go, and living. Are you letting life pass you by or are you living it? Remember, it’s in the choice. Choose life. Choose love. That is where healing begins.

In love, 


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I was very lethargic and would experience nausea during meals. I suffered from low moods, and my immune system was very weak. I was overwhelmed and easily stressed. I was sleeping poorly with anxious thoughts at night. I had poor eyesight with dry, itchy eyes. My ankle was constantly sore. Since seeing Lori, I have energy! Since beginning, I have no more nausea while eating. My low mood and anxious thoughts are almost nil and easy to cope with now. My eyesight has DRASTICALLY improved. No more dry eye or redness. Much better sleeping patterns. My ankle is not sore at all!