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3 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

 “I want to lose weight. I can’t lose weight despite changing my diet, etc.” These are a few of the things that I hear in this office every day. Everyone, well almost everyone, has a desire to lose weight for any number of reasons. What I see happening more and more now is people change their diet, but they still don’t lose weight. Why is this? Weight loss is simple, isn’t it? Calories in versus calories out. At least that’s what we’ve been taught for years. What a frustrating thought for someone who has calorie counted, points counted, food restricted, or done any of the other crazy diets out there without losing the weight.

 I’m here today to tell you that despite what you’ve been told, weight loss is not always as simple as it’s made to be. Well, it is simple, but there’s more involved than just counting those calories. In fact, looking at other aspects of your lifestyle might be the key to helping your body let go of that last few pounds that you’re looking to shed. Here are some possible reasons (besides diet) why you might not be losing weight…

  1. You might not be losing weight aren’t sleeping. What a thought, right? Sleep affects our weight? Absolutely. In fact, it has been proven that people who sleep less actually eat more than those who don’t due to an imbalance in their hormones that control hunger. They also eat more to stay awake longer. Have you ever been tired, but decided that you needed to eat instead? A lack of sleep can also contribute to insulin resistance, which is a factor in weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels, which keep people from losing weight as well. Next time you think that skipping out on sleep has nothing to do with your weight loss goals, think again!
  1. You might not be losing weight if…you are exercising too much. What?! How could that be? The trend of high intensity training has been growing recently due to the number of benefits of interval training. It’s great for the body in moderation; however, it can be detrimental if done too often or too intensely, or if a person’s body isn’t healthy enough to do interval training. Over training can also increase levels of cortisol. Chronic elevated cortisol keeps the body in a state of constant stress. Because of this, the body will hold onto weight. Backing off on the intense training and mixing in some light walking or yoga can be the key here.
  1. You might not be losing weight if…you have food sensitivities. Yes, that’s right. Just because you are keeping your calories under a certain number for the day doesn’t mean your body isn't having issues with the types of foods you’re eating. (It also doesn’t mean that the calories are good quality and full of nutrients.) Poor digestion leads to trouble breaking down foods. This leads to an inability to absorb nutrients and a buildup of toxins in the body. When the body doesn’t absorb nutrients, it slows down the metabolism. Sometimes eliminating certain problematic foods like sugar, grains, dairy, etc. can allow the body to heal and have proper digestion again. This will help the body heal and repair, which leads to weight loss in the long run.

The concept of weight loss really isn’t so complicated; but if you are having trouble losing weight, there can be underlying issues that you might not realize. What I mentioned above are just a few of the things to look at. A healthy body is not designed to hold on to excess weight. When you are holding onto weight, your body is trying to send you a message. What is it?

Doing something like BioEnergetic Assessment or working with a health coach (what we do at NutritionWorks) can help identify underlying causes behind unwanted weight gain or trouble losing weight. If you or someone you know is having trouble or has concern, contact our office to make an appointment today.

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I was very lethargic and would experience nausea during meals. I suffered from low moods, and my immune system was very weak. I was overwhelmed and easily stressed. I was sleeping poorly with anxious thoughts at night. I had poor eyesight with dry, itchy eyes. My ankle was constantly sore. Since seeing Lori, I have energy! Since beginning, I have no more nausea while eating. My low mood and anxious thoughts are almost nil and easy to cope with now. My eyesight has DRASTICALLY improved. No more dry eye or redness. Much better sleeping patterns. My ankle is not sore at all!