The body is designed to heal itself if it has what it needs. 

Emotions and How They Affect Our Health (ECPR)

            So many clients come to our office looking for help to relieve physical symptoms that they are dealing with. On a daily basis we see digestive issues, low energy, sleep trouble, hormonal imbalances, and more. It’s so common to see almost every member of our community dealing with at least one of these recurring issues. Although correct supplementation and changing one’s diet are key factors in health restoration, a common factor that isn’t widely spoken of is emotional health. When I see clients that have an increase in symptoms again, most of the time they have gone through an extremely stressful or emotional event.

            In both the medical and holistic communities, the role of trauma and emotional health is way underplayed. With more and more research coming out about the design of the body, we are learning that emotional wellbeing is one of the most important factors for long lasting health. Once we learned this, we knew we had to address both physical and emotional issues in our office.

            You’ve probably experienced the effect of emotions on your own health at least one time. Maybe you were extremely nervous and felt sick to your stomach, or you were angry and felt your blood pressure rise. The reality is that any time someone goes through a traumatic event (no matter how minor), it affects the body in a physical way. Often times, people go through traumas at a young age and start repeating the same behaviors in life that they experienced from that event. For example, do you ever know people who get angry at everything? That person is stuck in anger.

            In order to move forward on both emotional and physical levels, you have to release that emotional pattern. That’s what we are doing at our office using Emotional Center Point Release (ECPR). It’s a non-invasive way of determining what emotional pattern dominates one’s behavior. We use muscle testing to determine what emotion you carry. It could be anger, fear, apathy, grief, etc. From there, we help the body release it.

            What’s beautiful about our bodies is that they want to be healthy. They are always working for us, telling us to breathe, making sure our heart keeps beating, and so much more. The body doesn’t want to hold on to negative experiences either. When you give someone an opportunity to let go of negativity, it’s quite amazing seeing how our clients benefit both physically and emotionally.

            The goal of our practice is for long lasting health. The holistic approach involves the lifestyle changes that go along with that. To hear more about Emotional Center Point Release (ECPR) and emotional health, join us at our Community Health Talk on Tuesday, January 31st at 6:30pm.

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I was very lethargic and would experience nausea during meals. I suffered from low moods, and my immune system was very weak. I was overwhelmed and easily stressed. I was sleeping poorly with anxious thoughts at night. I had poor eyesight with dry, itchy eyes. My ankle was constantly sore. Since seeing Lori, I have energy! Since beginning, I have no more nausea while eating. My low mood and anxious thoughts are almost nil and easy to cope with now. My eyesight has DRASTICALLY improved. No more dry eye or redness. Much better sleeping patterns. My ankle is not sore at all!